2015 Penn Undergraduate Summer Housing Registration


Thank you for your interest in Undergraduate Housing at the University of Pennsylvania. This registration is for college students (ages 18-24) who are either:

  • Currently enrolled at Penn
  • Will be taking summer classes at Penn
  • Summer housing is available for Summer Session 1 (May 24th - July 2nd) and Summer Session 2 (July 1st - August 8th) housing or both.  

A non-refundable $10.00 application fee plus a 5 week deposit will be required when submitting this application. We accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Penn students may choose to pay with their bursar account instead of credit card. Note: payment must be received in full prior to living on campus.

You will be housed in a furnished and air-conditioned high rise residence hall in Hamilton Village on Penn's campus. All housing, with the exception of Private Apartments, will be in multi-occupancy suites(meaning you will share the common living areas and bathroom with others. There is a five week minimum stay. Based on availability, you may choose from the following room type:

  • Private Bedroom w/ shared bath ($320/week) - Residents have their own bedroom, but will share the living room and bathroom areas with up to 3 other people. Kitchens are not guaranteed.

The full balance of your accommodations will be due upon securing your reservation. Penn students have the option of paying by credit card or charging your bursar account. You will be asked to select which way you would like to pay when completing your registration.

Once we receive all components of your application, we will send you an e-mail confirming your housing and the remainder of your stay will be billed.

Dining Plan
Summer dining plans are available for purchase. Meal visits will be in one of our all-you-care-to-eat dining halls. Each time you eat, one visit is subtracted from your allowance. Dining Dollar$ can be used in any Penn Dining location. Each purchase amount is subtracted from your Dining Dollar$ account balance.

Add a convenient meal plan*

The FLEX 25: $340.00

  • 25 Meal Visits
  • $100 Dining Dollar$

The FLEX 45: $495.00

  • 45 Meal Visits
  • $100 Dining Dollar$

A university ID card, a PennCard, is required for access to the residence hall. PennCards are $40.00 each and will be printed for Non-PennCard holders in preparation for your arrival to campus. If you need a PennCard, you must submit a photo so that your PennCard can be printed prior to your arrival. This photo should be similar to a passport, license or school ID photo, except no special background is needed. The picture must have a full view of the face, no hats or anything on the head unless it is for religious purposes, and the eyes must be opened. Other people must be cropped out of photos as well. Please save the file in JPEG format as "lastname.firstname" (i.e. jones.steve) and send the picture to confsvcs@exchange.upenn.edu within 3 days of submitting your application. You will receive your PennCard when you check in to the residence hall. In order for your application to be complete youmust submit a photo for your PennCard.

Occupancy Agreement

Submission of an application for summer housing implies agreement on your part with the terms specified in the Occupancy Agreement and Policies and Procedures in the Residential Handbook. Please read both documents carefully prior to completing this application. There is a link provided to access the Occupancy Agreement and Residential Handbook once you begin your registration.

Please note that the summer is considered a “Low Occupancy” period, much like Spring Break. No guest passes are issued. See the Residential Handbook for more details. There is a link provided to access the Residential Handbook once you begin your registration.

Summer Assignments
Summer room assignments are not released in advance; you will receive your summer assignment upon check-in. We try and place people with the same housing type together. You will have the option to request one roommate/suitemate. Please note that this person must be registered for the same time frame that you are & must also request you as their roommate preference on their application. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Cancellations and Reservation Adjustments
All cancellations and reservation adjustments must be made in writing to confsvcs@exchange.upenn.edu.

As stated in the Occupancy Agreement, the cancellation fees are as follows:

  • Cancellation 21 days or less prior to scheduled move-in date: $150.00
  • No show or cancel on scheduled move-in date: $325.00
  • If you are a current Penn Undergraduate student and apply for Bridge Summer Housing (the period between Undergrad move out and the start of summer housing) you must first be approved for an extension. For more information on undergraduate move out and extensions, please visit: www.upenn.edu/housing/moveout Furthermore,in order to qualify for Bridge Summer Housing you must be enrolled in Summer Session 1 housing through Hospitality Services.  Bridge Summer Housing students will be billed for Summer Session 1 housing (5 weeks) and no refunds will be awarded in the case of cancellation. 

Proceeding with this application indicates that you have read and understand the terms of this application and accept the financial obligations stated within. Submission of this application does not guarantee a reservation.